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Tire pressure sensors (TPMS) for ANDROID autoradios


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Tire pressure sensors (TPMS) for Android autoradios (all versions). This device, consisting of a power plant to be connected to the Autoradio on USB and 4 external sensors replacing valve caps, will allow you to be alerted in case of pressure too low or high and overheating of the wheels/tires.



Tire pressure sensors (TPMS) for ANDROID autoradios

Model with external sensor to screw in place of valve plugs (quick and simple installation).

  • Very small box to plug into USB has the Autoradio.
  • Very advanced visualization and setting interface.
  • Visual and audible alert (android notification on the Autoradio - beep on the central black box).
  • Learning new sensors or exchanging sensor postions.
  • Turn off the sound alert.
  • Setting the value of the pressure alert threshold too much or too low and T too high.


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