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Android 10 BMW 10 Series 1 GPS Autoradio with original GPS


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Android 10 Autoradio equipped with a Octa cores 2Ghz Snapdragon Processor - GPU: Adreno 506,Support 4K HD H.264 (AVC)30FPS
CPU: bulid-in Hexagon 546 DSP
and 4Gb of RAM DDR3. Europe 3DGPS map, equipped with Bluetooth and built-in WiFi. Tactile Full HD 1024 x 600 pixel resolution display, USBmedia, SD and 64GB internal memory. Unlimited applications via Playstore: waze, deezer, maps, facebook and many more... Recovery of steering wheel controls.


Autoradio GPS, Bluetooth BMW Series 1 incorporating the latest multimedia technologies.

Designed spespecially for BMW, this model will fit perfectly into your dashboard. Easy installation and connection with the original connector provided.

Find your way easily thanks to its 3D GPS function, while quietly listening to the radio or audio content through its various media, namely: USB, SD card, CD and DVD player (optional) or its internal memory of 64GB. All of these media also allow you to play video content.

Its bluetooth will allow you to make a safe phone call without any action on your phone. The Autoradio is able to retrieve all your contacts and call log, it also has a digital keyboard and the keys pick up hang up. You can also listen to your music from your smartphone through the Autoradio via the audiostreaming feature.

But it allows you to go even further thanks to its built-in WIFI and since it works on Android, you will have the same possibilities as an android tablet or smartphone on your autoradio: surfing the net via google chrome for example or download and install android applications such as WAZE, GOOGLE MAP, napster, deezer, facebook and many others ...

This Autoradio is of course equipped with the RDS Radio but also the mirror link function, rearview camera, DVR camera, Wifi, Voice control and other functions to discover in the detailed description...

Optional DVD CD player on sale in our shop

Integrated 4G Sim Cards

Wireless Carplay and Optional Android Auto (€20)


Supports 4K videos

When you install our fully screen-controlled android system touchscreen, you will also retain the original BMW system (with all its functions: CD, USB, Radio, GPS/recoil camera/radar, info and vehicle settings etc...)

  • Vehicle compatible with or without amplifier (optical fiber)
  • Supports the original Radio
  • Built-in Bluetooth and supports the original BMW bluetooth
  • Supports Idrive control in the original BMW menu.
  • Supports the original recoil camera
  • Supports radars and original trajectory
  • Supports the BMW Canbus, iDrive, steering wheel controls, car information (on-board computer) .

Important: if the vehicle is not equipped with the AUX function (see the indications shown below line Q4) it will be necessary to activate it beforehand at BMW, if in doubt contact us before making the purchase.

Indication of compatibility of this Autoradio with your vehicle.

  • BMW E81 1 Series 3 PORTES with original CIC or CCC display
  • BMW E82 1 Series COUPÉ with original CIC or CCC display
  • BMW E87 5 PORTES with original CIC or CCC display
  • BMW E88 CABRIOLET with original CIC or CCC display

CIC - ectangular LVDS connector 10 pins.

4 or 6 pins round CCC- LVDS connector.

Please contact us to let us know what model you have to provide you with the screen on which you can reconnect your LVDS connector (see the indications shown below line Q3)

Compatible with the following dashboards (thisphoto list (s) does not necessarily represent all the original models,contact us if in doubt or if your device does notappear below.

Not compatible if you don't have an original screen. We sell a model for vehicles without a screen.

recognize my original system:

Q1, How do I know if this model fits my BMW car?

Re: Tell us your car model and year and if possible original system or send us a picture of the dashboard of your car.

Refer to the photo table above, or, if in doubt send us a photo with the original BMW main menu.

it is important to know the original BMW system (CCC, CIC, or NBT or EVO) in order to provide you with the right model with the right LVDS connector.


Q2: How do I know which original system is on my BMW?

RE: One solution is to check the original system of the main BMW unit. See the photo below.
Then tell us which menu is in your car, or you can send us a photo and allow us to confirm it to provide you with the right model with the LVDS connector.


Q3: What is the LVDS?

Re: At the back of the original screen, a connector is connected to the car's original monitor,
we call it LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signaling)

After replacing the original screen with our model, the original LVDS connector should normally be inserted
to our model, so that the original display and functions can work properly with our screens.

In order to confirm the compatibility of the car, it is sometimes necessary to check the type of LVDS (4 pins / 6 pins / 10 pins, etc.),
especially when the year your car is produced is just between the two generations of cars.

Here are some examples for information.


Q4: Why doesn't the new Android system have audio?


A. Please check the AUX-IN cord. Make sure it's plugged into your car's AUX-IN port.

B. And you also need to activate aux-IN.
CD / Entertainment / External Devices / External Audio Input (FACADE AUX) / activate.


Q5: Why don't the original Sirius/XM radio, the original information on the car's computer and the original camera not show up?
Why is aux-IN volume blocked on zero and not adjustable?

Transfer the fiber optic connector from position A to position B

Original connector connector provided with the device.


System :Android 10
Processor :Octa Cores A53 2Ghz Snapdragon
Memory :64GB
Bluetooth :4.0 - Call - Keypad - Journal Call - HFP - Replica
Audiostreaming Bluetooth :Title and album view - A2DP Music
MIC bluetooth :Integrated on the front
Screen size :10.2" - IPS Angle 178
Screen resolution :1280x480
Touchscreen type :Capacitive - Multipoint - Ultra clear
Functions :Rearcoding camera (not included) - Dual zone - 3G/4G - GPS 3D Europe - HDD up to 500GB. - Apple link Ipod and iPhone - Installing android app - Mirror Link - Carplay - Android auto (optional) - USB and SD (32 GB max) - Built-in Wi-Fi - DEported DVD CD player (optional) - 4G Sim Card
Retrieving flying controls :Yes
Original camera recovery :Yes
Original amplifier recovery :Yes
Original micro recovery :Yes
Optional :DVR camera (dash cam) - DAB DAB - Interface OBDII - 3G/4G modem key - Carplay - Android auto - Rear-motion camera - TPMS tire pressure - Digital TV (tuner) - CD/DVD player


Package contents:

  • Original connector.
  • Electronic decoder unit for steering wheel controls and other vehicle-related functions (depending on the vehicle).
  • GPS antenna.
  • Radio antenna adapter (different depending on the model).

  • Accessories Harness:
  • 4 RCA audio outputs, 1 RCA video input and 2 audio inputs (L and R), 1 subwoofer output, 1 RCA rear view camera input, 1 rca video output.
  • USB ports: 1 or 2 (depending on the model) at the rear of the device as a cable of 1m each. (See photo of the camera accessories). Sometimes (rarely) 1 mini USB port on the front (mini to Usb cable supplied) see front of the car radio if there is no USB written = no USB on the front.
  • 1 Port for SD or micro SD card (depending on the model, see photo) on the front.
  • 1 SD card or micro SD GPS port on the front (depending on the model, see photo).
  • External microphone (depending on the model).
  • Remote control (only for S80 models). No remote control for the other models (non contractual photo).
  • Link for GPS software and 3D Europe map (SD card not included).

Translation Notices & Guides downloadable: click here

We do not provide installation instructions, the equipment is quite easy to install (original connector supplied) if you do not know how to install the equipment through a professional. You can contact us for advice on use and installation. Videos of disassembly of the original car radio available on youtube.


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