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Apple CARPLAY iphone - Android AUTO for Autoradio android


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Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
The co-pilot you dreamed of.
CarPlay and Android auto is a smarter, safer and more fun way to use your iPhone or Android smartphone in the car. With it, everything you need to do with your iPhone or Android smartphone appears directly on your car's built-in screen. Get directions, make calls, exchange messages, listen to music... While staying focused on your driving. And all this by the touch of your Autoradio or by voice.


CAR PLAY and Android Auto

Not compatible with the original Autoradios regardless of the make, year and model of the vehicle and/or the original Autoradio.

This dongle only works with an Android-based Autoradio. It is not compatible with autoradios that are not Android (which do not have built-in wifi, nor playstore).

Plug in the USB CAR PLAY and Android Auto dongle to the USB socket of your Android Autoradio or android device, then plug your Apple or Android into the USB dongle and enjoy your Apple or Android on the touch of your Autoradio or by voice.

The Dongle USB CarPlay and Android Auto, which incorporates Siri and S-voice voice control, is spspecially designed to be used in the car. It's also compatible with your touchscreen.

And since the display of apps (on the Autoradio) have been completely redesigned for driving, you can easily interact with them while being attentive to the road.

Use all your apps, map, GPS, calls, texts, music, SIRI, S-Voice via your autoradio touch or voice.

Available as a wireless model (wifi connection) in our eboutique.


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